Handcrafted Tequila Glassware From Tequila Avión and Waterford Crystal

A special glassware collection to help you better appreciate your tequila.

Tequila Glassware From Tequila Avión and Waterford Crystal glassware set with bottle Courtesy

The appreciation of elegant, hand-crafted drinkware—and the recognition that the right glass can enhance an already exceptional wine, spirit, or cocktail—is nothing new. After all, brothers William and George Penrose founded Waterford, an enterprise dedicated to the production of crystal glassware and home accessories, in 1783, to capitalize on this philosophy.

As Waterford’s history suggests, wine and whisky connoisseurs have married their preferred libations with properly shaped glassware for centuries. That trend is now influencing the tequila market, which is why the purveyor of fine Irish crystal recently partnered with Tequila Avión to create The Avión Collection ($399), a gift set that features a 750 mL bottle of Avión Añejo tequila, as well as a decanter and two rocks glasses that are designed to resemble the freshly harvested piña, or heart, of the agave plant.

Tequila Glassware From Tequila Avión and Waterford Crystal


“We have certainly witnessed an increase in the number of people sipping tequila either neat or on ice,” says Martin Williams, senior marketing manager of Tequila Avión. “You really understand the amazing aromas and complex flavors when you let high-quality tequila stand alone.”

The pieces that make up this limited-edition gift set allow tequila aficionados to make that journey in style. Both the glasses and decanter feature cuts in the crystal that resemble the wings of the esteemed tequila brand’s “flying agave” logo; however, their striking appearance is matched by a slightly tapered shape, which delivers the rich and layered agave and oak aromas with more focus and intensity.

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