Host Guide: Holiday Spirits: On the Case


Grey Goose Vodka

The rise of Grey Goose to the top of the premium vodka sales charts is not an accident. The French distiller’s five-column, copper-pot distillation process, plus the pure spring water from Gente Springs in the Cognac region, results in a perfectly smooth vodka. You will want a case of the pure vodka, and perhaps another of either the L’Orange or Le Citron flavored spirits.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon


Thanks to the seven generations of whiskey makers in his family background, Bill Samuels Jr. knows how to produce a great sippin’ bourbon. He uses corn, barley, and red winter wheat to give Maker’s Mark its unusual smoothness; an old-fashioned roller mill grinder; and small-batch production for a consistently mellow bourbon with fanatical followers who will drink nothing else.

Plymouth Gin Original

Travis McGee, the hard-knuckled private eye in John D. MacDonald’s series, drinks nothing but Plymouth. We understand why. It has that juniper sweetness with a lemony bite. For a classic martini—one without all of the fruity, rainbow-colored additions that are so trendy these days—it is difficult to surpass Plymouth.

Glenmorangie Millennium

Still made in the Glen of Tranquillity on the Dornoch Firth by the dedicated Sixteen Men of Tain, the whisky is dark and peaty, with some sherry tones and a hint of coffee. Only 2,000 bottles of the special Millennium were carefully siphoned from some 24-year-old casks, each numbered and stamped on the 1920-replica bottles with the old “Walter Scott” labels.

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