Hosts Guide Holiday 2013: A Touch of Glass

Riedel Boa decanter ($525), www.riedel.com.

Paola Navone for Egizia Design Studio double old fashioned ($45 each) and vodka ($20 each) glasses from TableArt, www.tableartonline.com.

From left: Riedel Nachtmann Aspen Collection decanter ($120; with two tumblers), www.riedel.com; Colle Cloe Liqueur decanter ($345) from TableArt, www.tableartonline.com; Lalique Perles decanter ($1,565), www.lalique.com.


From left: Saint-Louis Stella gold large Champagne flute ($550), www.saint-louis.com; Lalique Saint-Hubert Champagne flute ($385), www.lalique.com; Saint‑Louis Tommy square decanter ($750); Saint-Louis Metropolis large old fashioned ($162) tumbler.

Left to right: Lalique Perles Wine Glass ($375), www.lalique.com; Lalique 100 Points decanter with stopper ($990); Lalique Cep Whisky tumbler ($290); Riedel Nachtmann Aspen Longdrink ($48/pair), www.riedel.com; Paola Navone for Egizia cocktail stirrer ($22) from TableArt, www.tableartonline.com; Ralph Lauren Dagny Champagne Saucer ($150), www.ralphlauren.com; Lobmeyr No. 282 Diamondcut double old fashioned tumbler ($483) from TableArt; Saint-Louis Intervalle tumbler ($150), www.saint-louis.com; Ralph Lauren Celeste martini glass ($115) from TableArt; Riedel O martini glass ($40/pair); Colle Cubo liqueur decanter ($345) from TableArt.


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