Introducing the World’s Most Elite Ice Club

SAN FRANCISCO — Today, Gläce Luxury Ice Co. announced immediate availability of the Frederic Tudor Luxury Ice Quarterly Club.

The program, available to consumers will join their existing National Distribution by Sysco Food’s Gourmet Division, Chef Ex (www.sysco.com/glaceluxuryice.pdf) aimed at on-premise accounts and in concert with the retail presence at selected BevMo! stores. Tudor Luxury Ice Club members will receive a quarterly ice shipment of one case (50pcs) of one of Glace Ice’s three product lines (Mariko Sphere, G-Cubed or Diamond) as well as branded swag and special invitations to limited world-class spirit tastings and promotional offerings.

Gläce Ice enables ultra-premium spirits connoisseurs to finally have a matching ice brand for their ‘on the rocks’ drinks. Typical drink ice made from municipal tap water, yields infinite variations in taste and quality from location to location and may contain a host of impurities native to the location and storage facility. These contaminants may cloud the taste of a high quality drink or delicate single-malt scotch.

The establishing of Gläce Luxury Ice solves the consistency problem and provides the opportunity to offer ultra-premium spirit connoisseurs a truly perfect ‘on-the-rocks’ experience for the first time in cocktail history. With the increased popularity of ice-programs, multi-unit hospitality operators have adopted Gläce Luxury Ice for their high-end cocktails to ensure a consistently perfect serve across all properties. Now consumers can experience the same or better drink quality at home by subscribing to the Tudor Luxury Ice Club.

Gläce Luxury Ice Availability


Gläce Luxury Ice is an exceptional ice brand driven by the need to match ultra-premium spirit brands and quality cocktail ingredients with a deserving ice brand. Part of Gläce Luxury Ice’s mission is it’s commitment to deliver innovative, quality drink-ice products from a trusted brand source, eliminating the inconsistencies of tap-water ice commonly found at bars and home freezers. Customers can place their order at www.glaceluxuryice.com

Founded in 2007, Gläce Luxury Ice is the worldwide leading luxury ice brand and the pioneer of the luxury drink-ice segment. Founded by Roberto Sequeira and based in Northern California, Gläce Luxury Ice started as a Business School project and evolved into a philosophy on life. From things as grand as where you live and what you drive, to the simple contents of your glass, life can be replete with refined and luxurious items. We believe that simple pleasures lie in the details, and are happy to say “On The Rocks, Just Got Better”-TM.

For more information, press only: press@glace-ice.com

For more information on Gläce Luxury Ice Co.: http://www.glaceluxuryice.com 

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