This Year, the Holiday Spirit Is Irish

With the launch of Irish Spirit, rare Irish whiskeys have become more accessible to U.S. collectors.

Midleton Rare Irish Whiskey Photo: Courtesy of Midleton

Those who fancy a dram or two of hard-to-find Irish whiskey have something to be thankful for this holiday season. Irish Spirit is a new online retailer that offers worldwide delivery on a vast array of singular wares from Irish distilleries past and present—like the complete collection of Midleton Very Rare (email hello@irishspirit.com for a price quote). The set comprises 34 bottles produced at the Midleton facility in East Cork from 1984 to the present. It’s the sort of prize collectors in the U.S. would’ve had to go to great lengths to procure in the past. But, as the Internet has proven time and again, there doesn’t seem to be any great challenge it can’t meet.

Among the other gems available for purchase on the Irish Spirit site is a bottle of Jameson’s 2007 Rarest Vintage Reserve ($860), a delectable combination of port-pipe matured and grain whiskey from some of the oldest casks in Jameson’s storeroom. Knappogue Castle 1951 ($1,170) was made with spirits culled from casks at the old Tullamore Dew distillery before it closed in 1954.


Those in the market for serious cult whiskies would do well by the Locke’s 10 Year IWS Special Premier Crew bottling ($330) commemorating 50 years of the Shannon Boat Rally. There’s also the Jack Ryan 15 Year Old Single Malt ($140), a revival of an early-20th-century working-class favorite from the venerable Ryans Beggars Bush pub on Haddington Road in Dublin.

DWD Irish Whiskey

DWD Irish Whiskey  Photo: Courtesy DWD

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