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Israel’s First Whisky Is Coming to America

The business is experimenting with making whisky in a hot climate.

M&H whisky Courtesy of M&H Whisky Distillery

When it comes to aging casks full of premium whisky, certain parts of the world have a monopoly on producing the spirit. But more and more disparate locales are joining their ranks. This month, Israel’s first whisky is making its debut Stateside, and it was worth the wait.

M&H (Milk & Honey) Distillery is launching a range of spirits (including sherry and gin) but is focusing its entree on the Classic Single Malt Whisky that built its reputation. Founded in 2012, M&H is part of a new generation of distillers producing whisky in decidedly hot climates, which create flavor profiles all their own.

Because of the warm and humid climate of Tel Aviv, whisky matures more rapidly and more readily absorbs flavors given off by a given barrel. In this case, ex-bourbon and special red-wine STR casks lend the finished product light and balanced character with notes of vanilla and light oak, alongside subtle hints of black pepper.

M&H whisky

M&H’s whisky is aged in ex-bourbon and special red-wine STR casks.  Courtesy of M&H Whisky Distillery

And the minds behind the brand show no signs of slowing down when it comes to experimenting with the amber liquid. Their next series, called Elements, is designed to highlight different aspects of the single malt. The three distillations will be aged in three different kinds of barrels: sherry casks, peated casks and ex-red wine casks from Israel’s top winery. One of the series, Elements Sherry, will mark the first time a single malt whisky is matured in Kosher sherry casks.

“M&H Distillery fills approximately 800 barrels a year, so by 2021, the distillery will be producing over a quarter of a million bottles around the world,” CEO Eitan Attir said in a press statement. “We work vigorously and plan years in advance to offer the world a new single malt whisky from Tel Aviv. We are honored and excited to start our US journey, and we look forward to meeting the American consumer and introducing them to our quality spirits.”


Look for M&H to hit shelves in 20 states––including New York, California, Florida, Illinois and Washington––later this month and visit the brand website to learn more.

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