La Escepción

Just as the original Cuban La Escepción was an offshoot of Havana’s Hoyo de Monterrey cigar, this Honduran version of La Escepción (www.cigarworld.com; $5.99–$6.39 depending on shape) is an extension of the meaty Honduran Hoyo de Monterrey, but with a hint of pepper and leather. This is the first cigar to feature a binder from Nicaragua’s volcanic island of Ometepe, which explains the undertone of sweet, earthy spice. Add the smoke’s Habano Talanga wrapper, and the result is one of strength and complexity. Three sizes are available, including the 5½ x 50 excepcionales and the 6¼ x 54 Gran Gener, but our choice is the Batet, a 5 x 54 figurado. Although the Cuban brand was discontinued in the 1980s, the dated bands on the Honduran versions indicate they will be a limited annual offering.

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