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The Last Drop Releases Two Glenrothes Rarities

Two casks of Scotch whisky from 1968 produce just 309 bottles.

The Last Drop Glenrothes Photo: Courtesy Last Drop Distillers

Since 2008, the Last Drop Distillers has built a reputation for finding and offering some of the most exclusive—and extremely limited—spirits in the world. Its latest find is two casks of a 50-year-old single malt that was distilled in Speyside at Glenrothes, and they have only recently been discovered. Both casks were filled with the same new-made spirit on the same day, November 19, 1968. And yet, like twins separated at birth, and owing to the nature of the casks themselves, each matured differently.

After the angels took their share (thanks to evaporation), the first cask yielded just 168 bottles, while the second cask had just enough whisky to fill 141 bottles, totaling only 309 bottles for the entire two-cask release. However, only 50 bottles total have been allocated for the United States. Those who purchase this special release will not have a choice of which cask their bottle comes from; they will either get their single malt from Cask 13504 or Cask 13508. But due to the interaction between the whiskies and the wood, each of these two casks has produced distinctly different spirits, even though both exhibit the shared attributes of ripe fruit, citrus, creamy vanilla, and hints of exotic spice—all characteristics of Glenrothes single malts. Interestingly, Cask 13504 ended up at 103.6 proof, while Cask 13508 produced a 100.4-proof whisky.

Priced at $6,250 each, every bottle is paired with a 50 mL miniature replica containing a “tasting sample” of the same whisky for those who wish to keep the seal of their larger bottle intact. Both bottles are nestled in the soft suede lining of a handmade red leather case, along with a certificate of authenticity and a pocket-sized tasting book with additional pages to write and share personal tasting notes of this exceptional Scotch whisky.


Additionally, in 2019 and 2020 two further Glenrothes releases from 1969 and 1970 will be introduced, thus completing a unique Glenrothes trilogy of extremely rare single malts.

The Last Drop is a unique company, created by three spirits professionals who, between them, have more than 160 years in the Scotch whisky industry. James Espey has served on the board of directors for numerous Scotch whisky companies and was responsible for creating Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Chivas Regal. His longtime friend Tom Jago created Baileys Irish Cream and, at over 80 years of age, is still noted for his keen palate. Their partner, Peter Fleck, devised the original Malibu Rum formula. Today Beanie Espey and Rebecca Jago, the daughters of James and Tom, respectively, continue the tradition that their fathers helped start.

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