Leisure: Cuban Cache: Time Capsules

Fumar’s collection of rare cigars and spirits includes several historically significant items. Following are some of the highlights.

Ramon Allones 100th Anniversary Box (1941): The brand’s namesake, Allones, is credited with originating the decorated cigar box. ($125 per cigar)

Maria Mancini’s Free Cuba Tobacco (1959): Made for eight years in Tampa, with Cuban tobacco, the proceeds from this brand were used in the movement to liberate Cuba from Castro. ($300 per cigar)

Montecristo No. 2 Vertical Tasting (1953–1962): A decade of the world’s favorite Cuban cigar. ($4,000 per series)

Century in Cigars Collection (1912–1962): Represents each decade of Cuban cigars from 1912 to 1962; includes the 1912 Francisco Farach five-pack, one of the first uses of cellophane wrappers. ($4,000)

Optimades Operas (1919): Cigars made at the Baltimore factory where Babe Ruth worked before he was a ballplayer. ($1,000 per five-pack)

Al Capone Collection: Cuban cigars and Prohibition-era whiskey from the years Capone wintered in Miami. ($1,000 per cigar, $1,000 per shot)


Preembargo Bacardi Rum (1936–1938): Made in Santiago de Cuba before the factory moved to Puerto Rico. ($2,500 per fifth)

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