Lone Whisker Is a Doggone Great New Bourbon

This new whiskey is a passion project for some talented Napa Valley vintners.

Lone Whisker bourbon Photo: Courtesy Lone Whisker

The story behind the name of Lone Whisker, a straight bourbon whiskey recently launched by a pair of esteemed Napa Valley vintners, is a reminder that, occasionally, bad things happen that ultimately yield something good.

About a dozen years ago, whiskey-loving wine vets John Schwartz and Kent Jarman were cruising along Kentucky’s fabled Route 127 (aka, the Bourbon Trail) in search of a home for their fledgling whiskey project when they came upon an overturned pickup truck in the road. While folks who were already on the scene worked to extricate the driver from the wreck, Schwartz and Jarman discovered a young Blue Tick hound, battered and bruised, cowering in the nearby brush. The poor pup had been thrown from the bed of the truck. His collar read “Whisker.”  Schwartz and Jarman ultimately wound up adopting the dog, and he in turn gave their whiskey its name.

Lone Whisker ($150) is a 93.8-proof spirit distilled in Indiana and aged for 12 years in Boone County, Kentucky. The nose offers bright citrus intermingled with the alluring scents of raisins and chocolate. The palate delivers husky oak and spicy notes up front, trailed by more delicate flavors like honey, dark fruit, and a touch of green apple. Overall, this is a well-balanced and smooth bourbon that finishes with some heat at a leisurely pace.

Each bottle of Lone Whisker comes in a burlap sack, with a dog tag around its neck in tribute to the brand’s namesake (RIP, ol’ Whisker!) A mere 2,000 bottles will be made available annually — one bottle per customer only, allotted on a first-in basis. So whatever you do, don’t dog it. To reserve a bottle call 707-253-8300 or email info@coupdefoudrewine.com

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