Louis XIII Rare Cask Cognac

Photo by Cordero Studios/corderdostudios.com

The only female cellar master of a major Cognac house, Pierrette Trichet has a keenly honed sense of taste. In 2004 she took note of one particular barrel of Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac that was aging differently than all the others. With overtures of wild mushroom, spicy gingerbread, and mint, enhanced by a slightly increased alcoholic level, the flavor was so alluring that Trichet set this barrel aside and continued monitoring it, eventually bottling it this year as a rare cask. It is rich and resinous, with undertones of black cherry, currant, and warm caramel, and a long, citrus-filled finish. Only 30 Baccarat decanters of Louis XIII Rare Cask will be shipped to the United States.

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