New Spirit Cognodka Builds on Nakatomi Success

This new vodka and Cognac release is the first truly global spirit…

Cognodka Peach Select Steel Tank Strength 13 Years Old ($1.5 million)

On the heels of last year’s successful rollouts of Champisco and Whiskachaça, industry trailblazer Universal Exports (a subsidiary of the Nakatomi Trading Co.) continues to blur the lines separating traditional liquor categories with the unveiling of a beguiling combination of two of the world’s most celebrated spirits.

Cognodka Peach Select Steel Tank Strength 13 Years Old ($1.5 million) is a unique limited edition, ultra-exclusive, priceless special release made of equal parts rare XO Cognac and flavored vodka. This empyrean and irreproachable spirit is fermented in Poland (from Icelandic-grown biodynamic fingerling potatoes), blended and distilled at an ancient apothecary on the banks of the Charente in Western France (where Louis XIV is reputed to have once taken the waters to heal his hangovers), bottled in Gary, Indiana (in the neighborhood where the Jacksons once lived), and blessed under the light of a waxing crescent moon by a shaman in the Gobi Desert.

The concentrated blandness of the vodka meshes seamlessly with the Cognac’s arresting insouciance, yielding an astonishingly brash yet reticent palliative reminiscent of one of Universal Exports earliest and, admittedly, clumsier spiritual mash-ups, Mutch (Midori and single-malt Scotch).

Cognodka Peach Select Steel Tank Strength 13 Years Old is EU, USDA, and OMG certified organic. It comes in an individually numbered, hand-carved bottle made from unicorn horn, its stopper encrusted with the last remaining pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia. (cognodka.com)

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