Out of the Black and Into the White

Less than a year after Bowmore Distillery’s fourth and final release of Black Bowmore—a $4,500 limited release of 827 bottles, aged for 42 years in oak oloroso casks—the company has announced its next expression, White Bowmore, available this fall. The single-malt whisky was distilled on November 5, 1964, the same day as Black Bowmore, and matured in the same below-sea-level cellar on the island of Islay. Matured in bourbon casks, the White Bowmore exhibits an alluring pale blond color rich with the flavors of tropical fruit, honey, and vanilla. Of the 732 bottles filled, 40 are destined to the U.S. market at a suggested price of $6,000. Though, if demand for Black Bowmore is any indication, that price will likely rise. (www.bowmore.com)

—Oliver Slosser

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