Ovid’s Innovative Vintage

In creating the 2008 Ovid Napa Valley ($185), head winemaker Austin Peterson implemented a new technology that allowed him to enhance the wine well before its debut this fall. Developed by Oakland, Calif.–based Fruition Sciences, this technology allows winemakers to track how much water is being absorbed by the vines in real time. By comparing the amount of water being used to the environmental conditions, Ovid can determine stress levels of its vines, and thus adjust its farming practices to optimize each stage of the growing season naturally.

As a result, Ovid was able to maximize the potential for the 2008 vintage and harvest ripe grapes earlier, for their best sugar levels. The result is a well-balanced, structured Bordeaux blend that exhibits brighter and deeper flavors. Tasting notes include cloves, blueberries, ginger, and sage. (707.963.3850, www.ovidwine.com)

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