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Party like a Bond Villain with the Drink Drone Cocktail Delivery Service

The Los Angeles–based operator will fly the city’s finest libations right to your door…

Though usually a taxing day for many, April 15 will see spirits lifted with the launch of Drink Drone—the world’s first cocktail delivery service by aerial drone. Working in collaboration with top mixologists at renowned lounges throughout Los Angeles, aeronautical engineer Bob Smith and physicist Bill Wilson have developed state-of-the-art technology to elevate the drinking experience with enhanced accessibility and convenience.

“I was tired of spending happy hour in downtown traffic just to get a classic martini at Musso & Frank,” says Smith. “In this case, desperation was the mother of invention.”

Accessed by a complimentary smartphone app, participating bartenders will craft any cocktail to order (limit six per flight) and pour it into a specially designed glass with a covalence-resonant base. Once placed on the highly conductive transport tray, a super-ferromagnetic bond is formed to eliminate the possibility of slippage, and the top of the glass is sealed with a proprietary, polyvinyl-chloride micro-adhesive laminate to ensure that every drop is delivered. Finally, the tray—which is made of metallic polycarbonate and maintains a consistent temperature of 15 degrees Fahrenheit to keep drinks cold—is affixed to the drone with brackets tipped with military-grade neodymium magnets.

Intended to initially operate within a 50-mile radius, each unmanned aerial vehicle is fit with HI-BS gyroscopic balance sensors in order to maintain stability despite strong winds. Upon reaching its destination, the drone deactivates the magnetic field once client identity is verified via a thumb-print recognition panel. And to record the party for posterity, an onboard HD camera will take a photo of your group upon request.


“From Point Dume to Pasadena, the potential for this to take off is unbelievable,” says veteran mixologist Anne Hall. “Exposure to my award-winning Manhattan is bound to grow exponentially and, hopefully, so will the tips.”

The bar-to-backyard beverage breakthrough debuts after 10 years of exhaustive research and development that has included three new patents, two brushfires, and a dismissed wrongful-death suit.

“The flight plan has been turbulent at times, but it’s blue skies from now on,” says Wilson. “If we can contribute to convivial imbibing while reducing the number of inebriated drivers on the road, well, I find that intoxicating.”

With a preliminary fleet of 50 drones and 25 participating venues, Drink Drone will be available at a monthly subscription rate starting at $500 (excluding drinks). And market expansion is already on the radar with operations in San Francisco, New York, and London scheduled to begin by 2018. (drinkdrone.com)


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