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Patrón Just Dropped a Pair of Smoky Tequilas for Mezcal Lovers

Mesquite is the key ingredient in these new tequilas, which will liven up any classic cocktail.

PATRÓN Ahumado Reposado PATRÓN

If you’re the type of agave spirits drinker that can’t decide between mezcal and tequila, you’ve got your work cut out for you as both categories continue to rapidly expand. But Patrón sees you, and just announced that it’s launching a pair of tequilas that combine the best of both worlds. The new Ahumado lineup includes silver and reposado expressions made from 100 percent Blue Weber agave with a distinctly smoky character.

This is not the first time that Patrón has released a smoky tequila, however. Gran Patrón Smoky came out in 2018, made from agave that was roasted with mesquite for seven days in underground stone pits, similar to the way in which mezcal is produced. This new duo appears to be an extension of that more expensive release, and is made with the same specifications including the use of a tahona wheel to crush the agave after its week-long mesquite charcoal roast. There are some other ahumado, or “smoky,” tequilas available now as well, so this could be a growing trend—Cenote just launched an ahumado reposado expression aged for two months, and Rooster Rojo released its own reposado last summer.

The official tasting notes for the Ahumado Silver detail smoke and sweetness balanced with spice, black pepper, and cooked agave on the palate; the Reposado has some woody notes along with a bit of vanilla and caramel flavors. Patrón suggests trying both neat, but also using them in classic cocktails like a Margarita or Old Fashioned. That does seem to be the thrust of these new releases, priced at $70 (Silver) and $80 (Reposado) as opposed to the $200 price tag for Gran Smoky and therefore more suited for whipping up some drinks. Also, according to the brand Gran Smoky has a higher ABV and more barbecue and grapefruit tasting notes, and was only available as an unaged expression.

Patrón Ahumado Silver and Reposado are rolling out now in select markets, so they may not be immediately available. But check websites like ReserveBar where the entire Patrón lineup is currently for sale, including the Gran Smoky release.

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