Penfolds Offers Complimentary Recorking Clinic for Its Vintage Wines

The popular Australian winemaker will top up, recork, and even appraise older bottles of its wines…

For the 25th year, Australia’s most celebrated winery, Penfolds, best known for its highly collectible Grange Shiraz, will be conducting a series of free recorking clinics for owners of Penfolds red wines that are at least 15 years old—although many brought to the clinic for evaluation are substantially older.

“Much in the manner of Rolls-Royce, which goes anywhere in the world to repair one of their cars, we come to North America every two years to inspect, certify, and top up if necessary, vintage bottles of our wines, a service we have been providing worldwide since 1991,” says Penfolds chief winemaker Peter Gago. “We are the only winery to offer these clinics, but they involve much more than just putting a new cork in an old bottle.”

Besides providing collectors the opportunity to discuss their Penfolds vintages with Gago or one of his winemaking team, qualifying bottles will be assessed by Gago and a representative from Christie’s auction house. If their level is determined to be too low, the bottles will be opened, tasted, and topped up with a recent vintage of the same wine. Then they will be professionally recorked and re-capsulated by Penfolds and affixed with a signed seal of certification, thus establishing the wine’s provenance. In addition, owners of the bottles will be advised as to the optimum time to drink that particular vintage and can receive a current market appraisal of their wines.

The locations and dates of the 2016 Penfolds North American recorking clinics are: New York City on Friday, October 21; Miami on Tuesday, October 25; Vancouver on Friday, October 28; and Los Angeles on Wednesday, November 2. The recorking clinics are free, but reservations are mandatory. (penfolds.com; courtney.campbell@penfolds.com)

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