Penfolds Offers Recorking Clinics for Its Older Red Wines

Events are set for October in New York City and Los Angeles…

Australia’s iconic winery, Penfolds—which celebrates its 170th anniversary this year and is perhaps best known for its highly collectible Grange Shiraz—is conducting a series of free recorking clinics for owners of Penfolds red wines that are more than 15 years old. These clinics, the only hands-on collector’s service of their type offered by a winery, are held annually in various countries. This year, Penfolds’ chief winemaker, Peter Gago, and a colleague will conduct just two recorking clinics in the United States: one on October 15 at the Villard Mansion in New York City and the other on October 17 at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles.

At each clinic, either Gago or Steve Lienert, Penfolds’ senior red winemaker, will expertly assess individual qualifying bottles for the collectors. If it is deemed necessary for the assessment, the bottles will be opened and tasted, then topped off with a recent vintage of the same wine, professionally recorked and re-capsulated by Penfolds, and affixed with a signed seal of certification—thus ensuring the wines’ continued provenance. In addition, owners of the bottles will be advised of the optimum time to drink that particular vintage, and will receive cellaring tips and a market appraisal of their wines from a representative of the auction house Christie’s. The events will also feature tastings of the current Penfolds collection of wines.

The recorking clinics are free, but reservations are mandatory. (www.penfolds.com; reservations available by phone or e-mail: 707.299.3252, lily.lane@penfolds.com)


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