Pierre Ferrand’s Retro Revival

Based on a 19th-century recipe, Cognac Ferrand’s new Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao Ancienne Methode is made with oils from the bitter Curaçao orange skin that is blended with clear brandy then combined with Cognac and aged in oak. A new take on a classic elixir, the spirit was revived by Cognac Ferrand’s spirits mastermind Alexandre Gabriel with help from spirits and cocktails historian David Wondrich. It unveiled in the United States in April ($30).

About 150 years ago, Wondrich explained, Curaçao was one of the most popular mixers in cocktails and was a key ingredient in punches, juleps, and more. However, over the past 50 years, artificial flavors and color were added to many Curaçao blends, and this once-coveted spirit lost its appeal. The new blend is pure and authentic, and is designed to recall an earlier era when Curaçao was a go-to for interesting cocktails with unique and complex flavors. (www.cognacferrand.com)

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