Port Ellen Releases Another Rare Edition

Without a doubt, Port Ellen is the rarest of Islay malts. Now referred to as a “ghost distillery,” after closing in 1983, the Port Ellen name is kept alive through annual limited releases from its ever-dwindling stock, now owned by Diageo. This November, the spirits giant released the Port Ellen 30-Year-Old Rare Edition ($370). Bottled at natural cask strength, this golden-hued whisky exhibits one of the best Port Ellen noses recorded, with hints of vanilla, pear, and smoke reminiscent of a smoldering beach campfire. We recommend adding a couple of drops of water to this warming spirit to bring out the delicate notes of brine and fruit on a hauntingly long smoke finish. This whisky is just the second 30-year-old to come out of Port Ellen and is available as a limited edition of 5916 individually numbered bottles worldwide. (www.diageo.com)

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