Précieuses Parcelles Champagne Duval-Leroy

Champagne Duval-Leroy introduces its new range of parcels selections’ cuvées, Précieuses Parcelles, “the finest expression of an exceptional terroir”. 

While other champagne houses may value image over hard graft, the Duval-Leroy family fights to convey a certain idea of champagne, one that is more personal, more intimate, more exclusive, a champagne they are proud to call their own.

This vast and exciting plan started during the outstanding 2002 harvest when we set apart the Clos des Bouveries parcel for the first time. Since then, every year each member of the family selects their four favourite parcels to illuminate their complex, infinite and fascinating character.

A dynamic selection process that adapts and evolves over time in rhythm with Carol, Julien, Charles and Louis Duval-Leroy’s own tastes and preferences.

” Précieuses Parcelles collection is our way of thanking the soil, our most precious asset, by letting it express itself, as well as highlighting the people whose vision and minds craft the vines to ensure they give the very best of themselves.” Carol Duval-Leroy.

The four PRÉCIEUSES PARCELLES selected : 

CLOS DES BOUVERIES PREMIER CRU: 100% Chardonnay, inspired by the climate 

PETIT MESLIER: the renaissance of a forgotten variety 

BOUZY GRAND CRU: 100% Pinot noir, the antithesis of Chardonnay

CUMIÈRES: 100% Pinot noir, organic farming at its most dynamic 

More about the Four Précieuses Parcelles

In our cellars, the finest collection of champagnes from a single house are ageing ready to be unveiled.


As the last great family-owned and independent house, entirely dedicated to champagne production, Duval-Leroy family is committed to enshrining ethics and passion in their business. Their vision is founded on three pillars: Sustainable viticulture: to protect, improve and pass on to future generations. These are the values that underpin their special approach to vine management, which is certified High Environmental Value. Natural production: a cellar designed to yield fine champagnes and a unique know-how in which the exclusion of animal-derived products is one example of its quest for purity. An unforgettable tasting experience: freshness as a house constant, fine bubbles its signature. Duval-Leroy champagne is the pinnacle of complexity where technical flair, innovation and tradition unite to create the very best. 



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