St. Regis and Christofle Release a Celebratory Champagne Saber

Handcrafted by artisan silversmiths, the saber’s design was inspired by the St. Regis New York…

Legend has it that Napoléon Bonaparte would open Champagne bottles with his saber, declaring, “Champagne: In victory, one deserves it; in defeat, one needs it.” A more dramatic way to uncork a bottle of Champagne, the art of sabering continues to be practiced around the globe at St. Regis hotels, where butlers saber bottles to celebrate guests’ milestones or christen new hotels. Eager to bring this spirit of celebration to a larger audience, St. Regis has partnered with historic Parisian silversmith Christofle to create the St. Regis Saber by Christofle, a bespoke saber with a sterling-silver handle and a stainless-steel blade.

Christofle designers drew inspiration for the handcrafted sabers by looking at archived photos of the landmark hotel St. Regis New York. Three of the iconic hotel’s hallmarks were engraved on the handles: 1904, the year it opened; the official St. Regis logo; and “5th 55,” representing the hotel’s address at Fifth Avenue and 55th Street.

Those who purchase the saber will be invited to attend a hands-on lesson that is taught by St. Regis and explores the proper way to saber a Champagne bottle—ensuring that your celebrations are as safe as they are fun. The location of the class will be arranged when purchasing the saber, and pricing is available upon request. (christofle.com; stregisrituals.com

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