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This Fragrant New Gin Can Be Mixed in a Cocktail or Worn as a Perfume

Sometimes smelling like booze isn't a bad thing.

Tamworth Sylvan Mist Gin Tamworth Distilling

Have you ever tasted booze that was so good you thought to yourself, “I want to spray this all over me so I can smell like it all day?” If the answer is no, that’s a very sensible response. But New Hampshire’s Tamworth Distilling has come up with a misting gin that it thinks is good enough to sip or spray called Tamworth Garden Sylvan Mist Gin.

Tamworth is no stranger to unconventional alcohol releases. The distillery was founded by Steven Grasse, who was instrumental in the creation of successful brands like Hendrick’s Gin and Sailor Jerry Rum. Over the past few years, Tamworth has put out a venison-infused whiskey called Deer Slayer, Bird of Courage whiskey which is supposed to taste like a Thanksgiving dinner (we reviewed it, and it kind of does), and the very divisive Crab Trapper bourbon distilled with stock made from the invasive green crab species.

Sylvan Mist Gin sounds like a joke, but it’s the real deal. According to the brand, the inspiration came from ancient Egyptian perfume, which subsequently led to the invention of distilling spirits by the Persians. In order to make a gin that is also a food-grade perfume, the Tamworth team infused essential oils into a high-proof spirit. Two of the main ingredients are the boronia flower and violet leaf, which are found in many non-edible perfumes. Other botanicals used to flavor and scent Sylvan Mist include balsam fir, citrus rind, chamomile, grapefruit, and of course juniper (it is a gin, after all). It comes in a 100 ml glass bottle with an atomizer spray pump, and is meant to be a unisex scent or a cocktail modifier—but use sparingly because the ABV is a very high 75.5 percent.

“Here at Tamworth, the stories we tell are the spirits we create,” said Grasse in a statement. “We have gained quite a reputation for the bold experimentation of the whiskies within our House of Tamworth line, so we applied this same sense of wonder to our world of our gins. We’re telling the story of our local flora in the form of the most floral spirit possible: gin. Sylvan Mist sings the song of the flowers and the forest as both a gin mist and perfume.”

You can preorder Sylvan Mist now for $80 from the Tamworth website or Seelbach’s. Happy spritzing.

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