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This Irish Whiskey Barrel Collar Will Make Any Dog Feel Like a St. Bernard

Deck out your pooch with this barrel of hooch.

dog collar whiskey barrel Limavady

Remember those old Looney Tunes cartoons where the St. Bernard with a whiskey barrel collar whips up a martini after rescuing Yosemite Sam? If you do, you’re of a certain age, and you can now reenact this scenario with your good boy or girl courtesy of Limavady Single Barrel Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

The new Limavady Single Barrel Collar Bundle is available to purchase direct from the brand’s website ($129.99), and includes the following: a 1-liter barrel, bung, spigot and, of course, a bottle of single malt Irish whiskey. Proceeds of the sales will go to benefit the Best Friends Animal Society, a nonprofit dedicated to finding families for homeless animals, spay and neutering services and education.

According to the brand, the name Limavady was inspired by the Gaelic phrase “Leim an Mhadaidh,” which translates to “Leap of the Dog”—so this promo package was meant to be. Yes, you can actually fill this prop barrel with whiskey before putting it around your dog’s neck, but do be careful because depending on your buddy’s build that could be a heavy load to bear. And, to be clear, this whiskey is meant for human animals, not furry canine animals—it’s never funny to get a dog drunk (people should drink in moderation as well, of course).

Limavady Irish whiskey, which is bottled and distributed by Vermont distillery WhistlePig, is an excellent tipple to try. Master distiller Darryl McNally sources the whiskey for the brand, which is aged in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in PX sherry casks. This is not a blended whiskey like Jameson, but a single malt made from a mash bill of 100 percent Irish malted barley. Given the nature of single barrel releases, the palate may differ slightly or greatly from bottle to bottle, but that’s exactly the fun of it. Look for note of spice, dried fruit, vanilla and a bit of caramel in every sip, and give your pup a treat when he or she shows up ready to fill your glass.

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