Whiskey of the Week: Knob Creek 2001 Limited Edition Bourbon

A one-time release that celebrates master distiller Booker Noe

Knob Creek has enjoyed an enthusiastic following ever since its introduction in the 1990s. But now the (wet) bar has been raised with Knob Creek 2001 ($130), an ultrapremium offering that pays tribute to the late Booker Noe, the Beam family’s sixth-generation master distiller and founder of the Small Batch Bourbon Collection. Aged for more than 14 years, compared to nine years for the regular Knob Creek, and bottled at the same 100 proof, its deep amber color foretells of robust vanilla-laced oak with caramel and char notes. This one-time release represents some of the last barrels laid down by Noe. (knobcreek.com)

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