Whiskey of the Week: the Last Drop 50 Year Old “Double Matured”

Only 898 bottles of this rare blended Scotch were made…

The Last Drop 50-Year-Old “Double Matured” Blended Scotch ($4,500) is an elegant, complex spirit and is a compilation of more than 50 Scotch whiskies blended in 1995 as a premium 30-year-old offering for the Asian market. But a precious remnant was saved and transferred into seven Spanish oloroso sherry hogsheads, which were then aged in the Scottish Lowlands for an additional 20 years. Intensely floral, like a garden after the rain, it finishes with a tantalizing whiff of smoke. Only 898 bottles were produced, each handsomely packaged in a leather case alongside a 50 mL “tasting dram” for those who wish to keep the larger wax-dipped bottle intact. (lastdropdistillers.com)

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