William Grant & Sons’ Ghosted Reserve Is a Rare Blend from Deceased Distilleries

A blend of 26-year-old Scotch whisky from two bygone distilleries keeps their legacy alive…

William Grant & Sons’ Rare Cask Reserves Ghosted Reserve 26 Year Old is a singular blend of Scotch whisky that does not hail from the usual haunts. Master blender Brian Kinsman has, for the first time, combined the nearly extinct expressions from Ladyburn and Inverleven, two lowland distilleries that gave up the ghost decades ago.

The spirits found in the latest release—part of the Rare Cask Reserves collection—have waited 26 years to appear and pair what Kinsman describes as oaky and slightly oily notes from Ladyburn (open from 1963 to 1975) with sweet fruit and floral hints from Inverleven (open from 1938 to 1991). The master blender goes on to explain the experience on the palate as deep and intense with a creamy mouthfeel followed by delicate spice and toasted almonds. William Grant & Sons plans to distribute 4,100 examples throughout the world, with 2,000 bottles bound for the United States. And at $400 each, the amber apparition is sure to vanish quickly. (williamgrant.com)

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