Robb Recommends: This Baccarat Crystal Decanter Will Make Your Favorite Champagne Even Better

Designed by proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset, it's meant to magnify the entire sensory experience of bubbly.

Baccarat champagne decanter Courtesy of Boisset Collection
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So you’ve got the very best bubbly on hand for the holidays—but don’t reach for the coupes just yet. A growing number 
of sommeliers and winemakers are now recommending that certain Champagnes—particularly young vintages and wines made in the oxygen-starved “reductive” method—be decanted first, to calm harsh effervescence and allow complex aromas to more fully express themselves.

We suggest giving your sparklers a brief, 30- to 45-minute respite in the Boisset Passion Champagne Decanter, designed 
by proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset and produced by Baccarat, which lets the wine breathe and smooths the rougher fizz, leaving only the most delicate bubbles behind.

The stemmed design is a throwback to 
the 18th-century pedestal tradition, which dictated that “the wine should float above
the table,” according to Boisset. The carafe 
is balanced between ornate, diamond-cut crystal at the base and a thoroughly modern—and strikingly raked—stopper atop a long, thin neck (the better to guarantee a gentle pour). Boisset says his goal with the Passion Decanter was to magnify the entire sensory experience of Champagne—a harmonious surprise, then, when you realize the bowl itself is a giant, smooth, elegant bubble.

Baccarat champagne decanter

Courtesy of Boisset Collection

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