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This Wine Preservation System Is the Black Friday Deal Oenophiles Can’t Miss

You can get the top-of-the-line Coravin for 30 percent off.

Coravin Timeless Eleven wine preservation system.

If you want to enjoy a glass of wine without opening the entire bottle, you can’t go wrong with the Coravin Timeless Eleven, the ultimate wine preservation system. And just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this model is 30 percent off.

Like its predecessors in the Coravin lineup, the Timeless Eleven utilizes a dual lumen needle that allows argon (an inert gas that protects the wine from oxidation) to flow into the bottle while wine flows out through the spout. In a new twist, this technologically advanced model connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the Coravin Moments app (available for both iOS and Android devices) so that you can adjust the pour speed and volume.

The Timeless Eleven features two pour modes: “Sip,” which delivers a one to two ounce pour, or “Glass,” which delivers five to six ounces. You can select the desired mode via the app or by pressing the corresponding button on the LED panel on top of the system. In addition to selecting pour mode and managing pour speed, the app also shows approximately how much gas is left in the capsule, how many times the needle has been inserted into a bottle, how many glasses and sips have been poured, and any alerts for the system such as a software updates.

Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli, who owns Alcove Restaurant in Boston, recently replaced the Coravins he uses in service with the Timeless Eleven. He told Robb Report, “The Timeless Eleven is faster and more accurate than prior Coravin systems. The ability to adjust to the perfect pour size as well as to know the gas levels prior to being tableside helps curate a better wine service experience.”

Everything included in the Timeless Eleven bundle

Schlesinger-Guidelli doesn’t just use it on the floor; he has one at home as well. As he further explained, “Wine tastings can be a great way to have fun with friends and family while also learning, and the Coravin can allow you to try a lot more things and not feel the need to finish each drop.”

In addition to the Timeless Eleven, the set includes four Coravin argon capsules, two Coravin Screw Caps (to access bottles with screw tops), one Timeless Aerator attachment, and a textured fabric carry case. The Coravin Timeless Aerator attaches to the system spout and breaks the wine stream into 32 separate streams that turn into droplets, accelerating the aeration process as you pour, delivering results equivalent to an hour or more of decanting. 

This will make a great gift for the wine lover on your list. However, if you don’t have a Coravin yourself already, you might want to ask yourself what you are waiting for. And if you already own one, it’s definitely the right time for an upgrade.

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