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The 17 Best Champagnes and Sparkling Wines to Uncork on New Year’s Eve

Champagnes and sparkling wines to ring in the new decade.

Palmer and Co Vintage 2012 Courtesy of Champagne Palmer

Two things will be sure bets come January 31: More sparkling wine will be consumed through the evening than on any other night of the year, and “Auld Lang Syne” will break out at the stroke of midnight. In fact, stare at the two traditions long enough, and they begin to merge. The tune (based on words from the Scottish poet Robert Burns) manages to capture both the bitter and the sweet about the time that’s slipping away. And in the same way, the beverage is the right foil for both sides of the equation too, on the night we celebrate what’s worked out well over the last year, and mourn the bits that didn’t. Napoleon understood the paradox when he reportedly said of Champagne, “In victory, you deserve it; in defeat, you need it!” (Or was it Winston Churchill who said that?) Regardless, when the evening’s reflection covers an entire decade, it should be fueled by some very good bottles of bubbly indeed, and we’ve got your back there. Whether you love a delicate Chardonnay sparkler, pink fizz, or a profound vintage Champagne, you’ll find great choices here for a peaceful New Year’s Eve or a blowout celebration. And all of us at Robb Report will be raising our glasses (no more flutes, you understand) to all of you. Here’s to a very happy new decade!

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