The 10 Best Wines to Pair With Steak, From Cabernet to Malbec

These are the reds to have on hand for your next rib-eye, flank or filet splurge.

Sliced Medium rare grilled Steak Ribeye Black Angus with corn and cherry tomatoes on serving board block on wooden background; Shutterstock ID 307201292; Notes: Robbreport.com Photo: Shutterstock

If your idea of dry January is more “dry-aged” than wine-less, we are with you. When the delicious mashup that is Cabernet and a well-marbled steak happens, the savory fat coats firm tannins and renders them supple. In the best cases, toasty spice notes in the wine echo a great sear on the meat, and dark, juicy fruit flavors throw a bridge to a rosy, rare middle cut. Steak and wine are a marriage made in heaven—always have been, always will be.

As a satisfying steak dinner becomes an increasingly rare occurrence, pressure mounts on the wine side of the equation. The bottle you pour better be stellar to maximize the pleasure in the pairing, so we’ve got a lineup that delivers. We’ve stuck to the Bordeaux family—Cabernet, Merlot, etc., and blends of the same—not because these are the only great wines with beef. But across the classic cuts of steak, they offer consistent, complementary deliciousness.

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