Krug Releases a Rare New Vintage of Its Clos d’Ambonnay Champagne

Krug debuts the 2000 vintage of its exceptional single-plot Blanc de Noirs Champagne…

Krug has released Clos d’Ambonnay 2000, just the third vintage of the rare single-vineyard Champagne. The 172-year-old bubbly house formerly unveiled its 1996 vintage of the Champagne, a Blanc de Noirs, in 2009 and followed it with the 1998 vintage the subsequent year. The single Pinot Noir grape variety of the wine’s newest vintage was harvested in just one day—September 29, 2000—from the famed house’s tiny 1.7-acre walled plot situated in the village of Ambonnay in France’s Champagne region. In June, Krug released just over 5,000 bottles of the Clos d’Ambonnay 2000, each numbered and priced from about $2,000 per bottle (varying by retailer).

According to the company, the unique vintage offers aromas of brioche, caramel, and spices, with tastes of the classic French tarte Tatin dessert, caramel, and sweet pastry cream, leaving behind a subtle lemony finish. The decadent flavors are enhanced when paired with such dishes as spiced lamb tagine or mashed sweet potatoes with grated nutmeg or candied citrus fruits. (krug.com)


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