Marchesi di Grésy 2004 Barbaresco Martinenga Gaiun

Photo by Brian Larky

Tasting notes: This ruby-colored wine’s flavors are a saturated and have a rich rotation of ripe cherry, wild berry, allspice, and a gamy touch of dried meat. Worth knowing: Although the four estates of Marchesi di Grésy have a history in the Alba region of Piedmont that stretches back many generations, their reputation for producing fine wines was made relatively recently, under the auspices of Alberto di Grésy. After earning his PhD in business administration, di Grésy took an interest in his family’s estate, Villa Giulia, in Monte Aribaldo. The grapes harvested from this ancient property’s vineyards had traditionally been sold to other producers; however, in 1973, di Grésy began to bottle his own wines. While these original vineyards continue to make chardonnay and dolcetto, the family’s premier releases now come from the Martinenga estate.

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