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Meet the First Totally Vegan Champagne House

The Duval-Leroy family has announced that its entire range is now vegan friendly.

The Duval-Leroy family has just announced that its entire range is now 100% vegan friendly. If this choice has been made as part of the global plan for environmental protection that has been adopted for many years, it confirms above all the desire to perpetuate the House style and its champagnes with “the most refined effervescence in the world”. Widely recognized today for its strong commitment to working in total harmony with nature, the Maison Duval-Leroy has now passed a major new milestone in its history which dates back to 1859. 

Charles Duval-Leroy explains: “To become 100% Vegan, we needed 20 years’ experience. A colossal project was mounted to arrive at a method of natural clarification, mainly through the lengthening of time spent in vat or in barrel. In this way the wines retain all their taste, giving champagnes which are both rich and concentrated. It’s the perfect culmination and complement to all the work that precedes it in the vineyard, in harmony with nature. With an effervescence that is even more refined, more delicate… more dynamic!”

The Duval-Leroy family started from a basic precept: harvesting grapes at perfect maturity, which are wholesome and rich, is a first essential step. But to then alter their natural and original quality by the use of non-vegan techniques makes a nonsense of it. Especially for grapes from Premier and Grand Cru terroirs, like those of the Duval-Leroy vineyards. 

Laboring the soils and the vines with the greatest respect for the environment, Duval-Leroy has invested in this 100% vegan approach in order to preserve and highlight the quality of the freshly picked grapes. 


Since its production is entirely in-house, Duval-Leroy can guarantee a perfect level of traceability for its “100% Vegan” wines. A natural final filtering allows the wines to retain all their proteins and polysaccharides, thus adding richness to the wines and creating an effervescence of even greater finesse. The Duval-Leroy family are convinced that this more natural approach is a guarantee of increased quality for the years to come. 

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