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This New Tabletop Wine Opener Is So Elegant You May Never Put It Away

Finally, a wine opener worthy of your best bottles.

RBT tabletop corkscrew RBT

The art of uncorking just got a little more elegant—and easier.

Though many of us are often eager to take that first sip of our favorite varietal, getting the cork out of the way can prove a challenge. Even if you have the best implements, the manual labor that follows is often cumbersome and not the kind of time we want to spend at the dinner table. Enter RBT’s Tabletop Corkscrew.

Geometric and almost sculptural in appearance, this device has a firm base that can rest on any flat surface and is engineered so any standard wine bottle (750ml or 1.5L) swiftly slots in place. Once there, a hand lever allows you to efficiently remove the porous topper in one smooth motion. Its modern style is forged with premium materials like the genuine acacia wood that forms the base, as well as iron and, notably, the gleaming brass accents placed both above and below your bottle.

RBT tabletop corkscrew

The sleek device includes handsome brass and wood detailing.  RBT

Every element of the device was designed to make the experience of actually using it—not just looking at it—easy and seamless. When at rest, the small brass dish set into the base remains flush with the surrounding wood. However, once the weight of your favorite cabernet is applied, it gently tilts. This not only allows it to rest more securely in place, but the angle also allows the force required to open a given vessel to work to your maximum advantage.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Tabletop Corkscrew is easy on the eyes. There’s something to be said for a useful kitchen tool that doesn’t need to be tucked into a cabinet when not in use (we’re looking at you, food processor). It looks so good, in fact, don’t be surprised if you end up displaying it next to your chicest wine glasses.


The RBT Tabletop Corkscrew is available for $150.

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