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Runners and Cyclists, Rejoice: Bose’s Sporty New Headphones Keep You in Touch With Your Surroundings

Crisp sound, no matter the setting.

Bose Sport Open Earbuds Bose

Bose’s latest earbuds allow for environmental awareness like never before.

Traditional earbuds have loads of advantages, their compact size and secure fit chief among them. And while noise canceling is usually a plus, being too cut off from your surroundings is less than ideal in certain scenarios, especially if you’re exercising alone. The new Sport Open Earbuds have broken the mold by being the first in the category to fit on the ear without going into the ear canal itself, and Bose claims this doesn’t mean sacrificing audio quality.

To achieve the desired effect, its new design has an ergonomic hook that loops over each ear so it can remain truly wireless while fitting snugly, which will come in handy for fitness fanatics braving the cold this winter. As any outdoor runner or cyclist can attest, trying to ensure safety while traversing busy roadways is imperative, and the ability to hear ambient sounds that this set provides is critical to doing so. It’s precisely that kind of activity for which this pair was created.

Bose Sport Open Earbuds

The wireless pair securely loops over each ear.  Bose

Constructed with 16mm drivers, the earbuds use the brand’s proprietary OpenAudio technology to direct sound toward the listener and away from others. Though some might expect the open design to create a distracting listening experience, Bose says that crisp sound coupled with the slight physical distance from the inner ear actually makes whatever you’re listening to sound more life-like. However, because of careful engineering, the sound doesn’t have much spillover to the outside world, meaning you may be able to sprint with your music at full blast without making it known to everyone you pass.

Because they were created with active users in mind, they are molded to hug the ear without unnecessary tightness and discomfort. Plus, anyone can feel free to use them even if they have an especially sweaty workout planned, or the weather is less than ideal, thanks to an IPX 4 water-resistance rating. Whatever the setting, they should easily provide up to eight hours of airplay once fully charged.

Bose Sport Open Earbuds are now available for pre-order for $199 and are expected to ship on January 20.

Buy Now (Pre-Order): $199

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