Devialet Launches New Beautiful Integrated Audio Systems

These super amps prove that hi-fi and high design can coexist…

Sonic beauty is always an attribute of the world’s best audiophile equipment, which rarely possesses similarly appealing visual aesthetics. Indeed, when not the focal points of a room design, massive power amplifiers and winding cables can be very unsightly to non-hobbyist music lovers. Realizing this, the Parisian company Devialet set out to connect impeccable audio engineering with the wider audience of both audiophiles and causal listeners. The company’s new Devialet 240 ($17,495), Devialet 170 ($9,495), and Devialet 110 ($6,495) audio systems are nearly all inclusive, requiring the addition of only loudspeakers to begin enjoying music.

Each component is machined from a single block of aluminum, and with an unusually slim design, they are easily placed on shelves or even mounted on the wall. Rather than sacrificing audio quality at the altar of good looks, each system meets impeccable technical specifications. The 240 is the most impressive. It produces 240 watts per channel of stereo amplification and, like the 170 and 110 amplifiers, it includes proprietary digital-to-analog converters. The 240 can be paired with another 240 in a dual-monoblock configuration capable of generating 500 watts of power to a single speaker. Each of the new models includes myriad connections, which range from Ethernet for digital audio streaming to phono inputs for connecting turntables. All three audio systems also have Wi-Fi music-streaming capability and they can all be controlled via Apple iOS or Android smartphones or tablets. All three models are available at select high-end audio stores around the world. (www.devialet.com)

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