Dynaudio Introduces Its First Wireless, Multi-Room Audio System

The Music collection comprises four models of different sizes that support smart playlists and space-sensing tech.

A few months ago, Dynaudio introduced a new stand speaker, the Special Forty, to celebrate its 40th anniversary, but the Danish audio manufacturer is not ready to call it a year quite yet. The company’s first wireless multi-room music system, the new Music collection incorporates intelligent features that learn your habits and adapt each speaker to their particular surroundings.

The Music collection comprises four speakers of varying sizes—the Music 1 ($586), 3 ($763), 5 ($939), and 7 ($1,175)—which run the gamut from an 80-watt compact model with a single woofer and tweeter to a 300-watt, 3.6-foot-long speaker with two woofers, two midrange drivers, and two tweeters. While the two larger systems must be plugged in, the smaller units can either draw power from the wall or rely on their rechargeable batteries (good for 8 hours), lending the two models an added a degree of portability and versatility.

All four models are equipped with RoomAdapt technology, which senses where the unit has been placed (in a corner, for instance) and tweaks its performance to best capitalize on its current positioning. The speakers also employ Dynaudio’s Music Now algorithm, which will learn your listening preferences and then create custom playlists, drawing from music streaming services like Tidal and Spotify simultaneously to populate the playlist. Each speaker also have five presets that can be programmed to run playlists, particular radio stations, single songs, and more.

Those with more than one Dynaudio Music speaker can link up to six devices for a multi-room experience, or use each individually, depending on the situation. All of the four models share a minimalist, angular aesthetic and can be customized with with grille covers in light gray, dark gray, blue, and red.

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