Dynaudio’s New Xeo Speakers Take Wireless Audio to the Next Level

The second-generation speakers raise the bar set by their predecessors…

Following its success with the first-generation Xeo wireless loudspeaker systems, the Danish audio brand Dynaudio has released a second generation. The new Xeo 4 bookshelf speakers ($2,300 per pair) and Xeo 6 floor-standing speakers ($4,000 per pair) come with a handful of upgrades, including compatibility with higher-resolution music files (up to 24 bits/96 kHz), better driver tuning, and improved digital-signal processing. The speakers are made for pairing with the new Xeo Hub ($300), which sends the audio signal to them from the source via a variety of connections.

The Xeo speakers deliver high-end sound without the clutter and cabling, as no cables, preamplifiers, or amplifiers are required. The system simply needs a source, such as a CD player, streaming device, or a portable high-end music player. One of the most distinctive add-ons that can be purchased for the system is the Xeo Link ($175), which allows the listener to wirelessly connect a subwoofer, headphones, or other peripheral equipment to the Hub. This level of flexibility, along with the line’s sharp looks and quality sound, makes the speakers a great match for many different room types, small or large. The systems are now available at Dynaudio dealers worldwide. (dynaudio.com)

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