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Renowned Swiss Hi-Fi Brand Goldmund Opens Its First U.S. Store

The brand’s new West Palm Beach store will showcase its products in a relaxed residential environment.

Demo room at the Goldmund Store in West Palm Beach Courtesy

Founded in 1978, Swiss tech manufacturer Goldmund has made a name for itself over the decades by offering some of the finest (and most expensive) audio gear on the market. In 1987, the Museum of Modern Art in New York celebrated the unique, beguiling design of Goldmund’s Apologue floor-standing loudspeaker by putting it on display, and in 2007, the company released what was then the world’s most expensive turntable, the $300,000 Reference II.

But despite these accomplishments, the brand has never had a retail space in the United States to call its own—until now.

Demo room at the Goldmund Store in West Palm Beach


Following a quiet VIP debut in March, the Goldmund store in West Palm Beach, Fla., opened its doors to the public last month. Using a format similar to the Los Angeles Goldmund House—a residential space in the San Fernando Valley used to showcase products to prospective clients—each room in the store is set up to exhibit different systems in an upscale home environment.

A living room–like demo area is bathed in a palette of light, airy colors and decorated with scented candles and pictures of some of Goldmund’s most iconic products. Here, customers can relax in soft couches and sip Champagne while listening to an array of standalone speakers. Or, they can check out the company’s video offerings, such as its MetisLife short-throw projector. The store also features a full home cinema furnished with motorized leather sofas and equipped with a complete Logos sound system.

Demo room at the Goldmund Store in West Palm Beach


Once the perfect equipment has been selected, clients can meet with Goldmund representatives in the store’s conference room to iron out the details of their particular project’s needs. The store’s home theater team is on call to help design not just clients’ A/V systems, but also the spaces in which they are located—ensuring the completed project looks and sounds just as good as they do in the store.

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