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This All-in-One Guitar Amplifier Concept Doubles as a Design Object for Your Home

The versatile device was designed to function as a speaker and a stylish piece of home décor.

JOOM and Weekend-works's Breeze guitar amplifier concept JOOM and Weekend-works/Behance

As anyone who plays the electric guitar can tell you, there’s a lot gear associated with the instrument—amplifiers, reverb pedals, cords and more. This is part of the fun for some, but it can also be a source of anguish for the clutter averse. Luckily, there may soon be an amp that will actually help you save space—and make your place look better in the process.

Seoul-based JOOM and Houston-based Weekend-works have teamed up to design the surprisingly versatile Breeze guitar amplifier. Not only does the the elegant device promise to project your noodling with pristine sound, it also features a built-in stand on which you can place your axe when you’re done for the day.

JOOM and Weekend-works's Breeze guitar amplifier concept

JOOM and Weekend-works’s Breeze guitar amplifier concept  JOOM and Weekend-works/Behance

Unlike your average Marshall Stack, the Breeze is tailormade for use in the home, according to its creators. At a time when people are spending more time at home than ever, the amplifier was designed not only to have musical utility but to also function as a stylish piece of décor.

To accomplish this, JOOM and Weekend-works eschewed the amp’s traditional boxy shape for something more modern and minimalist. For one, the Breeze is circular, with the sound components housed in a shallow metal canister. The design reminds us of the Beosound Edge Speaker, except that it sits in a chic yet sturdy base made of marble. From that base come two discrete hooks, which function as a guitar stand when the amp isn’t in use. The Breeze can also be customized with multiple fabric covers to match either the room or your guitar.

The Breeze's remote control

The Breeze’s remote control  JOOM and Weekend-works/Behance

While the Breeze’s Behance page features little info about its technological capabilities, the amp will come with wireless connectivity, eliminating the need for a gangly cord. In theory, that would also allow you to use it while in other rooms of the house. The will also come with a stylish remote control to help you find the right levels for your sound.

If there’s a drawback to the Breeze, it’s that the design is only a concept at this point. Still, here’s hoping an audio company sees the amp and is inspired to make it real.

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