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Klipsch’s Miniscule New Earbuds Offer Audiophile Sound That Lasts All Day

The high-end earbuds can be customized with 18k yellow gold or natural polished pearl.

The Klipsch x Ear Micro T10 Bespoke Ear Machines and their case Ear Micro/Facebook

Klipsch is ready to change the way you think of luxury sound.

The Indianapolis-based audio company has teamed up with Ear Micro to launch the new T10 Bespoke Ear Computers. Despite their name, the brand’s latest offering is actually a set of hand-made earbuds designed to deliver audiophile-grade sound despite their extremely small size.

The T10s were originally meant to arrive in 2010 as an update to the T5 earbuds. That obviously didn’t happen, but Klipsch and Ear Micro used the extra time to refine the in-ear headphones in basically every way. The resulting earbuds, each of which are said to be individually designed to meet their owner’s needs, are just a third of the size of traditional earbuds. It’s unclear how customizable each pair is—Klipsch did not immediately respond to a request for clarification—but what’s clear is that you can choose from materials like real 18k yellow gold, natural polished pearl or charcoal ceramic zirconia for the headphones and their charging case.

The Klipsch x Ear Micro T10 Bespoke Ear Machines from above


They may be small, but the company claims they’re loud. Klipsch says the ‘buds can deliver a 96 Hz/24-bit signal rendered through the LODEC audio codec—in laymen’s terms, crystal clear sound. Further enhancing the audio are dual Cadence/Tensilica hi-fi DSPs, ultra-efficient class-D amps and precision-balanced Sonion transducers. The battery will last up to nine hours between charges and they offer active noise cancellation too. They’ve also been designed with repairs and upgrades in mind, something that can’t be said for much of the competition.

“The T10 Bespoke Ear Computers are like nothing the world has ever seen or heard before—capable of delivering the power, detail, and emotion of the live music experience inside your head, yet so diminutive in size that you or anyone else will barely notice you’re wearing them,” Paul Jacobs, Klipsch’s president and CEO, said in a statement. “Plus, they’re so comfortable they can be worn all day long and boast battery life to match.”

As you may have guessed by this point, all that comes at a cost. Klipsch hasn’t set a firm price for the T10s, instead saying that they’ll typically range between $2,500 and $5,000. Considering some of the materials you can choose from—rose gold, sterling silver and PanAm leathers are also choices—it’s not hard to imagine the best-looking sets will come out on the high-end of that range.

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