McIntosh’s Most Powerful Single-Chassis Monoblock Amp Makes Its Grand Debut

Delivering 1,200 watts per unit, a pair of MC1.25KW amps have enough power to drive nearly any stereo system in the world.

The year may be coming to a close, but McIntosh has not slowed its relentless string of 2017 releases—including its first hybrid integrated amp and first portable decoding amplifier—earlier in the year. The New York manufacturer’s latest debut, the MC1.25KW Quad Balanced Power Amplifier, joins the wide range of amps offered by the brand, although has the distinction of being McIntosh’s most powerful single-chassis, single-channel amplifier. (The company’s 2,000-watt MC2KW is more powerful, but it is divided into three standalone modules.)

Based on the nearly ten-year-old MC1.2KW monoblock amp, the 1,200-watt MC1.25KW is equipped with a number of enhancements that boost its performance beyond that of its predecessor. One of the most significant improvements is to its filter capacity, which has been increase by 50 percent, improving bass performance and increasing the amp’s dynamic headroom up to 2.2 dB, meaning you’ll be able to push the amp near its limits without distortion. It is also equipped with McIntosh’s Autoformer technology, which allows the amp to take full advantage of speakers with different impedances, either 8, 4, or 2 Ohms


Further tweaks include improved heat sinks and ventilation, heavier gauge internal wiring, an updated transformed, and a smart power management system that turns the amp off when not in use. Despite some updates to its appearance—such as its redesigned feet with chamfered edges—the amp’s look remains undeniably McIntosh, with its black-and-silver color screen, big knobs, and glowing blue VU meter.

The MC1.25KW is available starting this month, and each amp is priced at $12,500. Just remember, if you’re putting a pair on your list to Santa, you may want to reinforce your roof; each monoblock weighs 158 pounds.

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