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Sennheiser Has Unveiled a New Version of Its Beloved Audiophile Headphones

The open-back headphones are the latest evolution of a pair first released nearly 30 years ago.

Sennheiser HD 660S2 Open-Back Headphones on their side Sennheiser

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One of Sennheiser’s most beloved pair of wired headphones may have just gotten better.

The German audio experts have just unveiled the HD 660S2. The new set of cans, which are part of the brand’s audiophile collection, represents the latest evolution of one of its most trusted model lines, the open-back HD 600 Series.

If you’ve spent time discussing audio equipment with an audiophile, you know that they are a passionate and demanding bunch. When they find something that delivers the clear and accurate sound their highly discerning ears crave, they tend to stick with it. That’s why you can still buy the original HD 600 nearly 30 years after they first went on sale, according to Gizmodo. Sennheiser has released minor updates over the years, like the HD 650 and HD 660S, that have included better materials and new features like swappable cables.

Sennheiser HD 660S2 Open-Back Headphones Sennheiser

The HD 660S2 will replace the HD 660S, which were introduced five years ago. Like the brand’s other audiophile cans, they offer a perfect left-right balance, powerful bass, pristine treble and are repairable. There are modifications, though, and pretty big ones as far as the sound-obsessed are concerned. These include revised 300-ohm transducers, which lowers resonant frequency from 110 Hz to 70Hz, as well as a wider frequency range, enhanced sub-bass tuning and a lighter voice coil. The result is a pair of headphones that delivers nuanced audio that sounds more true to life in all the right ways.

“Our new Sennheiser HD 660S2 offers listeners what they requested most from the headphones’ predecessor,” Jermo Koehnke, who oversees the brand’s audiophile products, said in a statement. “With precision and power like no other and new sensitivity across all frequencies, listeners will hear details they’ve never heard before, especially at the lower end of the spectrum.”

The HD 660S2s are set to go on sale on Feb. 21, but can be pre-ordered now through the brand’s website. They’re priced at $600, which is $200 more than the original HD600 currently cost, but it’s a whole lot less than Sennhesiser’s top-of-the-line audiophile headphones. That would be the HE 1, which will set you back $59,000.

Pre-Order Now on Sennheiser: $600

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