Simaudio’s Upgraded Moon 600i v2 Integrated Amp Has a Whole New Bag of Tricks

Though its appearance is unchanged, the Moon 600i v2 has improved resolution and bass articulation.

Simaudio Moon 600i with two-tone black and silver finish against a white background Photo: Courtesy Simaudio

20 years ago, hi-fi manufacturer Simaudio—which started out making equipment for professionals in 1980—introduced its Moon line of reference-grade consumer audio components. The series has been going strong ever since, having welcomed the powerful Moon 888 amp earlier this year and now the new Moon 600i v2 Integrated Amplifier.

The successor to the original 600i, which was introduced almost 8 years ago, the 600i v2 is equipped with some significant upgrades that deliver improved resolution and greater bass articulation. The integrated amplifier (meaning it is a combination amplifier and preamplifier) is rated for 125 watts, making it not quite as powerful as the range-topping, 175-watt 700i, but still more than powerful enough for most applications.

Among the integrated amp’s new features are new output transistors, which are responsible for the improved bass and also increased linearity in the frequency response, meaning the intensity of the signal across the entire frequency response range is more uniform. It is also equipped with a new volume control with 530 steps, giving the user the ability to more finely control volume, and a new input-stage circuit that reduces signal noise.

The appearance of the 600i v2 remains largely unchanged from its predecessor, and like most Moon products, it is available in either solid black or silver, or with a two-tone finish. Custom finishes are also available.

The Moon 600i v2 is priced at $9,000 and will be made available for purchase later this quarter.

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