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These See-Through Speakers Will Make Your Other Minimalist Furniture Jealous

Transparent Speakers are not only stylish; they can be upgraded as new tech emerges.

Transparent Sound's Transparent Speaker Transparent Sound

Scandinavian audio company Transparent Sound wants to help you make your home stereo set-up even more minimalist. And their solution, the aptly named Transparent Speaker, just so happens to be relatively future-proof to boot.

The Stockholm-based company’s see-through speakers—available in both standard and small sizes—are a dream for lovers of spare design. Made of tempered glass panels and an aluminum “uniframe,” it’s a piece of technology that has been stripped down to the very basics and absolutely nothing else. Designed to almost blend into the background of your living room or den, the speaker looks like little more than two 3-inch drivers, a 6.5-inch woofer, an amplifier and a control panel floating in mid-air.

But as chic as the Transparent Speaker may look, the company was just as focused on making sure it produced rich bass, crisp highs and a clear mid-range. The company’s aim was something it refers to as “transparent sound,” or neutral sound that stays as true to the original recording as possible. Other features include, built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Using “True Wireless,” the speaker can also be connected to another matching unit to double the sound, with one playing the right channel and the other the left, or any existing Sonos set-up. Of course, the speaker can also be connected to another using an audio cable as well.

Transparent Sound's Small Transparent Speaker

Transparent Sound’s Small Transparent Speaker  Transparent Sound

But what really separates these speakers is their flexibility: They are built to be upgraded. Owners can easily open up their Transparent Speaker and swap parts out for newer ones as needed—and as new tech emerges. There are also ports to connect a wireless input device like an Amazon Echo, Sonos Hub or Chromecast.

The Transparent Speaker is available in two sizes and can be ordered through the company’s website. The standard size is available for $1,100, while the small version, which lacks a woofer, is available for $550.

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