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V-Moda Enhances the Mobile Audio Experience

The audio quality delivered by smartphones falls far short of the tolerance of serious audiophiles, but the V-Moda Vamp Verza helps bridge the gap between hi-fi and on-the-go audio. The new Vamp Verza is compatible with Apple products and a number of Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Dual digital-to-analog-converters (DACs)—one devoted to iPad, iPod and iPhone devices and another for USB audio input—bypass the built-in DAC of whatever device it is connected to, thus allowing the Vamp Verza, rather than the smartphone, to process the original audio signal. When paired with the Vamp Verza, even the humblest earbuds deliver enhanced bass output and an unprecedented richness of sound for a smartphone. The $600 Vamp Verza has a 7-hour battery life, and it can be paired with V-Moda’s $100 Metallo case, which seamlessly melds the Vamp Verza with its smartphone partner, thus creating an all-in-one device with the capabilities of a smartphone and a hi-fi mobile music player. (www.v-moda.com)

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