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With a Built-In Turntable and Premium Speakers, This Design-Savvy Sound System Does It All

Even better, the new media console can fit in any room.

Wrensilva Loft media console Wrensliva

Even in the streaming era, there’s something special about having a good ol’ fashioned hi-fi audio system. The only problem is that most premium audio systems aren’t exactly small. But a new console from Wrensilva aims to change that.

The audio company’s updated Loft media console is a hi-fi system for the space- and design-conscious audiophile. The beautifully designed setup has everything you need to stream your favorite music, along with a stand-alone turntable when you’re craving a more textured, analog experience.

Wrensliva Loft media console

Wrensilva Loft media console  Wrensliva

Wrensilva’s new flip-top system stands just 33 inches tall, 32 inches wide and 20 inches deep. In fact, the retro-inspired audio device is small enough to fit into the corner of any room. Even the speakers are worked into the device’s outer casing and covered by a stylish Ebonized Oak grille.

But good looks only will only get an audio system so far. Fortunately, the Loft brings big sound. The unit features the Wrensilva’s solid-state pre-amp, a 100 watts per channel ICEpower by Bang & Olufsen amplifier and two-way bass-reflex speakers with premium drivers, according to the brand’s website. That package should meet the standards of even the most exacting audio connoisseur.

Wrensliva Loft media console


The fully decoupled Pro-Ject turntable will likely be the star of the show for any vinyl purist, and it fits beautifully below the Loft’s North American Walnut top. The system has been designed to allow for vibration isolation so you don’t have to worry about the powerful speakers affecting record playback. For those days when you want to go full 2020, the Loft also offers Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to stream music from your MP3 collection or your Spotify playlist. It’s also compatible with Sonos systems and has built-in storage for up to 60 records.

If you’re looking for a design-savvy audio system that’ll enhance your cozy urban condo, the Loft may be the ideal choice. The device, which is currently only available in the walnut and oak color combo, retails for $4,999.

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