2006 Private Preview: Elara Fusion Mediator Movie

Media servers—computer-based devices that play DVDs, tune in TV programs, serve as personal video recorders, and store MP3 music, among other functions—promise unprecedented entertainment options and convenience. Yet the same problems that plague computers also afflict media servers. Setting up the devices usually requires prodigious patience and considerable technical competence, and few media servers are designed for high-level video and audio performance. Elara Fusion’s Mediator Movie & Music Server, which will debut in spring 2006, will be as different from these mass-market servers as a bespoke suit is from a department-store blazer.


Created specifically for custom-installed home theater systems—and incorporating advanced audio and video technologies—the Mediator will provide access to movies, music, and TV channels through a touch and spin of its substantial main control knob. The control device, machined from solid aluminum, feels as if it came from a Formula One parts bin. Using the knob or a touchscreen controller, you will be able to record and play HDTV programs, play DVDs, and store and play music from CDs. The Mediator’s efficient, cool-running digital amplifiers will be capable of powering an entire surround-sound speaker system.

Few users will exhaust the Mediator’s multiple terabytes of music and video storage, but those who do can employ Elara Fusion’s SlickJacket, a device that holds about 40 movies yet occupies no more space than does a deck of playing cards.


Elara Fusion, www.elarafusion.com

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