A Headphone Homage

Monster Cable’s line of metal-bodied Turbine and Turbine Pro in-ear headphones have become a favorite of musicians, record producers, and audio engineers, so it is only fitting that the company’s finest headphones be named after one of the 20th-century’s greatest musical artists. The $499 Miles Davis Tribute in-ear headphones incorporate resonance-free metal bodies surrounding high-quality miniature speaker drivers. The gold/brass finish echoes the look of Davis’ trumpet and adds a brazen touch of style that jazz’s flamboyant Prince of Darkness surely would have appreciated.

The Tribute features Monster’s SuperTip earpieces, made from a patent-pending flexible material that we have found provides a secure, comfortable fit and an exceptional seal to block outside noise. The headphones come with an instrument-style case and a lifetime warranty against failure and accidental breakage. The package includes the official 50th-anniversary boxed set of Davis’ legendary album Kind of Blue, featuring two CDs, a DVD, and a 24-page commemorative booklet. (415.840.2000, www.monstercable.com)

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